2020 Real Estate Buyer and Seller Facts 03/18/2020

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“Unexpected repairs and maintenance” was cited by 36% of homeowners as their biggest home buying regret. (Zillow)

2020 is expected to see the peak of Millennial homebuying. (Realtor.com National Housing Forecast)

For 78% of home buyers, neighborhood quality is more important than home size. 57% would rather have a shorter commute than a larger lawn. (NAR)

For Sale by Owner properties accounted for 7% of home sales in 2017. (NAR)

The average days on market before an offer was accepted was 40. (Redfin)

Millennials will account for 45% of mortgage borrowers in 2019. (Realtor.com)

Student loans represent $1.7 trillion in debt, negatively impacting the ability of younger, college-educated adults to buy homes. (Forbes)

12 million US homeowners spend more than half of their income on rent. (PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate)