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Most consumers are ready to get out of there house and get into a new one! This may occur because of the need for change, expansion or downsizing, the needs are endless! The reason some people aren't moving right now is because they don't know what needs done to their house, or they second guess themselves on the worth. Today we are going to talk about selling preparation measures that need to be taken before even sitting down with an agent. 

Some of these are pretty basic, but some of them are missed! Below is a list of recommended preparations for you to not only get the best price out of your house, but possibly sell it faster as well. 


-When pressure washing the sides of your home make sure to do the roof as well. This is an ideal time to also wash all of the muck off your roof. 

- It's also important to improve your landscaping. Mow the grass, plant some new flowers, and trim the trees. 

-Check your driveway and sidewalks for any unwanted cracks, seal them to show you care about the outside. This is also a great time to pull any unwanted weeds that may be growing in the cracks. 

-Sweep and or powerwash any unfinished surfaces such as concrete on the sidewalk, driveway, basement, and garage. You want the house to be clean, inside and out! 

-Make the door look inviting. Whether it's some plants by the door, getting a new door or repainting the one you have, it's important for potential buyers to feel welcome. 

-Buy a new welcome mat. No one feels welcome on an old, unwashed one! 


- It's most important to remove bad odors, this may make your house feel less like a home and more like a garbage can. 

- If you have any bright colored walls, repaint. If colors shout too much they may scare potential home owners away, the less they have to do to the house when they move in the better. 

-It's important to also open any blinds or curtains, the more light that enters, the more they can see. Home buyers typically don't want to look at a home that reminds them of a cave! 

- Remove any clutter and make the house as unpersonal as possible, remember, they don't wish to look at your home so the less belongings you have in there the better. They are trying to envision it as their home. 

- When you're done getting all the clutter out, anything that has to stay in the house try to organize in closets, cabinets, and drawers. Though they will open them, they'll appreciate the organization and won't have to envision the home as empty because it will be as much as possible. 

- The final tip for the inside is to gather you appliances warranties, especially if you're leaving the appliances in the home, the new owners will need the warranty information in case anything were to happen. 


-Above all, it's important to make EVERY surface shine. A unclean home isn't a home that typically sells too quickly. 

- Are you wondering whether or not your home is ready to put on the market? Look up your address online! That's how most of your buyers on the market will be looking before they can go see it in person. If you like how it looks online, it's time to contact me!