Post COVID-19

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Real Estate

I know that everything that has went on in the past few months has pushed home buyers and sellers into hiding, but now the world is opening back up again. Some fear now that they will have trouble buying or selling a home but I promise you, this is the best time to go for it. It's important that you take precautions at this time as you move forward into these buying and selling journeys. We as agents have protocols to keep you safe and healthy. We have to only show a house to one person at a time, so when a couple is at a showing I must leave one outside while I show the other, disinfect, and then switch. This may seem like a challenge but it's going to make you pay greater attention to detail and leave you more open for observation to discuss what you noticed when you leave the house. We must wear masks and gloves, even disposable boots. The home owners cannot be there, and I must clean everything again before I leave. 

This all may seems so frustrating to you but I encourage you to think on the positive side. This pandemic has hopefully given you more time to save money, which would help on the overall cost of buying a new home. This time at home has hopefully given you time to further discuss what it is and isn't that you are looking for in a house. This time at home has hopefully given you time to remodel so the value of the home your selling may very well go up. As things start to head into a new normal i encourage you to look on the bright side, and know that I am still here to do my job. I am looking forward to questions and concerns from potential buyers and sellers about how this new process works. Thank you so much for reading this far!