Heather L Gilbert
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Feeling good about the community you live in can be just as important as selecting the right home. As a local expert, I can help you find a neighborhood that best suits your needs. From local restaurants and activities to school information and market trends, below are just a few of the communities I serve. 



      Clarksville-15322. Clarksville is a borough in Greene County PA. Split between Washington and Greene Counties, the majority of the borough resides in Greene. Washington County covers Beth Center School District and Greene County covers Jefferson-Morgan Area School District. Located in the Northeast corner of Greene County, the population of the borough is about 230 people. 

      Masontown-15461. Masontown is a part of the Pittsburgh Metro Area of Fayette County, PA. Albert Gallatin School District serves the students of this town. With a population of about 3,450 people Masontown is a well traveled area with PA route 21 as well as PA 166 passing through it. 

    Connellsville-15425. Connellsville is a city in Fayette County that's also a part of the Pittsburgh Metro Area. Only 50 miles from Pittsburgh, U.S. Route 119 runs through this city. With a population of about 7,637 people Connellsville Area School District serves the youth of this city. 

    German Township-15458. German township is one of the larger townships in Fayette County. The largest and most well-known village in this township is McClellandtown. With a population of about 5,095 people, it's a well traveled area because it's know for PA route 21 as well as PA route 166. Albert Gallatin School District serves German township. 

    Carmichaels-15320. Carmichaels is a quiet borough nestled in the eastern part of Greene County. Though only serving a small population of about 483 people, it's well traveled because of PA route 88 and is also well known for it's Coal Queen Pageant. The natives to Carmichaels attend the Carmichaels Area School District.  

    New Freeport-15352. A part of Freeport township, New Freeport is an unincorporated village in the southwest corner of Greene County. With a tiny population of about 112 people, New Freeport serves the travelers of PA route 18. If you're looking for somewhere filled with nature that's quiet and safe, New Freeport is the place to be!

    Jefferson-15346. Jefferson is a borough in Jefferson Township in the Northeast part of Greene County. Jefferson Morgan Area School District serves the populated village of 270. PA route 188 is what makes this quiet and cozy community so well traveled. 

    Glassport-15045. Glassport is one of the hidden treasures of Allegheny County. It's about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh. With this borough hosting about 4,483 populants, the South Allegheny School District educates the youth of Glassport. 

    Amwell-15301. Amwell is one of the smaller townships in Washington County. Approximately 3,751 people reside within this township. 

    Dry Tavern-15357. Dry Tavern is also located in Jefferson Township of Greene County. It's in Rices Landing borough and sends their youth to Jefferson Morgan Area School District. PA route 188 also passes through this quiet village that populates about 697 people. 

    East Bethlehem-15333. East Bethlehem is a township in Washington County. It's one of the smaller ones hosting only about 2,354 residents. 

   Carnegie-15160. Carnegie is a Pittsburgh Metro Area along the PA railroad in Allegheny County. Carlynton school district serves the youth of the approximately 7,972 people town. 

    Butler-16020. Butler is a town in Butler county PA, only 35 miles North of Pittsburgh! Butler was recently named the 7th Best Small Town in America hosting about 13,757 residents! Hosting such a large group of people calls for multiple school districts. Butler Catholic School, Butler County Community College, Butler Area School District, and Butler County Area Vocational-technical school are just a few of the schools that serve the youth of this town. 

   Washington- 15301, 15329,15367, 15019. Washington is the city seat of Washington county in the greater Pittsburgh region. There are many school districts that serve the youth of Washington. It's famous for it's Pony League Baseball as well as Washington and Jefferson college, one of the most well-known pre-law colleges in the country. This city hosts it's approximately 13,663 residents. 

   Diliner-15327. Diliner is an unincorporated little town in the farthest part of Southeastern Greene County. Located along the Monongahela river and PA Rt 88, this is a very quiet place to live. With only a post office and being about 2 miles northwest of Point Marion it's a very rural area. Children living in Diliner attend Mapletown School District. 

   Greensboro- 15338. With a population of about 260, Greensboro is also a quiet rural borough to settle down and start a family. Known for it's pottery and glass in historical times, Greensboro has a lot of craft heritage. Conservation and preservation board still work to keep the heritage alive today, while further enhancing the enrichment of it's current community members. Located close to Diliner, Greensboro students also attend Mapletown school district. Located near Rt 21 and the Albert Gallatin Memorial Bridge, there are plenty of routes to travel through Greensboro. 

  Redstone Township- 15410, 15413, 15417, 15420, 15422, 15435, 15442, 15463, 15468, 15475, 15480. Having a wide array of zipcodes, Redstone Township is located in Fayette County. With a population of about 5,500 residents, students attend the Brownsville Area School District. Located in the Northwestern part of Fayette County, Redstone township is surrounded by the Monongahela river as well as the Redstone creek which are great outdoors areas for recreation. Located near U.S. Rt 40 and PA Rt 43, it's a well traveled community.  

  Rices Landing- located in northeastern Greene County, Rices Landing is a small and rural borough. Only containing 179 households and 463 people, there's 126 families residing here. Located near the Mon-Fayette expressway, there's a great ability to travel. 

  Grindstone- 15442. Located right by Redstone and Jefferson township, Grindstone is an unincorporated and census-destinated place in Fayette County. The population is a little more dense, having 498 occupants. It's has a mode for travel being 7.5 miles from Uniontown, the heart of Fayette County is 12 miles away, and Brownsville is 4 miles away. Grindstone is a small, quite, yet well traveled place to live. 

  Lake Lynn- 15451. Being an unincorporated community in Fayette County as well, there isn't too much to say about Lake Lynn. It's a relaxing place to be along the Cheat River and a simple 2 miles from Point Marion. There isn't any indication of a set population. 

  Marianna- a beautiful borough in Washington county, Marianna has a population of about 494 residents. Know for being just at the edge of Greene County and Washington, and only a county below Allegheny county, it's a well traveled and centralized location. Known for it's rich heritage for steel and mining, though small it holds alot of industrious people. Having a US route highway right through the middle of the borough makes it very well traveled as well as accessible. 

  Scenery Hill- 15360. An unincorporated community in Washington county. Only being known for it's Tavern/Inn, it still has yet to make the map as a settlement. With no established population due to being unincorporated, they're only recognized because the residents have a different zipcode due to the size of Washington county. 

  Crucible- being solely a coal town in Greene County, there isn't much more to say about Crucible. One road in, one road out. Right near the coal mine so if that's your profession you're in luck. If you're looking for quite, cozy, small town living then Crucible is the place to be. 

  Prosperity- Prosperity isn't even incorporated as a village on the map. The only reason it's know is for it's name given by its settlers in hopes of living on good land. The residents here are very spread out and have lots of land to surround them. Being mostly farmland and only having a gas station, if seclusion is what you're looking for this is one of your better options. 

  McClellandtown- an unincorporated community in Fayette County. Close to the river and Uniontown, it's pretty well traveled for not being on the map. 

  Mt. Morris- 15349. Mt. Morris is a beautiful unincorporated community right at the edge of the West Virginia state line. A mere 4 miles away from Morgantown and located right off of I-79 it's a great location for traveling into PA or WV at your leisure. Though unincorporated, the latest census had a population of 737. Students attend Central Greene School District. 

  New Salem- also an unincorporated community, New Salem is a rural area in Fayette County. Holding a population of 579, it's about 7 miles from Uniontown, so if being close to civilization is important to you, this is a great place to be. Students residing in New Salem attend the Uniontown Area School District. 

  Point Marion- 15474. Point Marion is a rural yet centralized location along the monongahela and cheat rivers. Students attending Albert Gallatin School District because though Point Marion looks as if it's on the border of Greene County, it's considered Fayette County. The last census said 1,159 people reside there. Being close to US Rt 119, being 1.5 miles away from West Virginia, and on the border of Greene County, travel in and out is quite luxurious.  

  White Oak- 15131. located in populated Allegheny County, White Oak is actually one of the smaller boroughs located near Pittsburgh. With a population of about 7,862 residents many people live here due to the rural centralization drive to Pittsburgh. Students attend the McKeesport Area School District.  

  Wind Ridge- 15380. Another unincorporated community in Greene County, Wind Ridge is known globally for it's heritage. Only hosting about 215 residents, Wind Ridge is home to the longest consecutive running fair in the country, the Jacktown Fair. East to the West Virginia border, though small it's well traveled. People from all over the country come from near and far the 3rd week in July every year to see the wonder of the oldest consecutive fair. 155 years later, wind ridge still happily host these fair goers. Students attend the West Greene School District. Though spread out and lowly populated, if you love rolling hill top views and isolation, Wind Ridge is the place to be for you. 

  Bentleyville- 15314. Another small borough in Washington County, Bentleyville is considered part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area. The last census indicated that there's approximately 2,581 people residing there. Though it's only a borough, having such a high population let's them have a mayor as well as their own police force. Students in Bentleyville attend the Bentworth School District.

  Aleppo - there isn't too much to say about Aleppo. It's a rural unincorporated community towards the western side of Greene County. Only known for it's post office, the census doesn't even do a population scan for Aleppo. There's also an Aleppo township surrounding it, which is where it gets it's residents and population of about 502 from. Students attend West Greene School District. 

  Bobtown- 15315. just an unincorporated coal mining community in the south eastern part of Greene County. Holding a population of about 757 located near the Mon river and a short drive from Waynesburg, it's convenient to drive to Fayette county for most of your needs. Students attend Southeastern Greene School District (Mapletown). 

   Waynesburg- 15370. Waynesburg is the heart of Greene County, a small and rural town located about 50 miles from Pittsburgh. According to the last census, there's approximately 4,176 residents. Being the largest town in Greene County, Waynesburg has U.S. Rt 19, PA Rt 21, and I-79 running right through it, making it the hive for transportation in the county. Students attend Central Greene School District, and students come from far and wide to attend Waynesburg University. Due to their population size and establishment, Waynesburg harbors a police borough as well as a state police barracks. 

   Mather- 15346. Mather is an unincorporated community near the Jefferson area, so students attend Jefferson Morgan Area School District. It's a well traveled part of Greene County being near PA Rt 188. It's northeast of Waynesburg, making it very close to Fayette County. Mather only hosts about 737 residents. 

  Luzerne Township- 15348, 15357, 15410, 15413, 15417, 15433,15444, 15447, 15450, 15463, 15468. Luzerne Township is a rather larger and urban township in Fayette County. The population is about 5,965 residents according to the last census. Located towards the north western part of Fayette County, it's close to Washington and Greene County. Students attend the Brownsville Area School District.